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Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

The reputation of our company is the result of our professionalism and many years of hard work. We are punctual to our appointments and passionate about our work.

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Well maintained doors means well maintained parts and we can guarantee an excellent job and superb results.

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Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation

Excellent garage door installation by specialized technicians knowledgeable of all doors

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Find out more about residential garage doors and their components and operation by reading the answers to the most commonly asked questions in our professional industry. This FAQ page has been especially designed to help owners and users to ensure that their doors are always in top condition and offer perfect safety and security.

Skilled and reliable garage door maintenance personnel

Here you can see the most common FAQ that people want to know

Can I replace the springs on my own?

Our experts recommend avoiding repairing or replacing garage door springs. They work under tremendous pressure and they can become extremely dangerous when you are trying to release that tension without knowledge, experience and proper tools and equipment.

What are the advantages of glass doors?

Glass garage doors are resistant to elements and made with safety glass, which can protect you from accidents. They come out thick and your privacy can be protected with milk glass. Plus, you will have a sunny garage and pay less for electricity.

What's the importance of safety cables?

Safety cables are different from regular garage door cables. Their job is to ensure the safety of garage door springs. They are extremely important for torsion spring garage door systems since torsion springs can snap abruptly, fly in the garage and cause severe injuries. The mission of safety cables – and thus their name – is to keep the broken spring from flying in the air. They keep it in place and, hence, no one is injured.

What are corner brackets?

The corner brackets are usually affixed to the lower corners of the door. The cables that help lift the door are attached to these brackets. These should only be serviced by our experts, as the high tension cables that are connected to the brackets can cause them to fly when disconnected.

What does the typical garage door inspection include?

You have to inspect all metal parts for rust, corrosion, other types of damage and deformation. You need to pay special attention to the garage door cables and springs as they are under a great tension. Our experts recommend that you inspect the sensors and the opener as well. Check the panels and weather stripping for damage.

Can I use an old opener on a new door?

This is possible only when the specifications of the opener such as horsepower match the specifications of the door. The professionals of our garage door repair company recommend that this is checked in advance. A new opener will have to be installed if the specs do not match.

Which is the best insulation material for garage doors?

At present, the two major options are polyurethane and polystyrene. When the two materials are of the same thickness, polyurethane typically has higher R-value. Additionally, it is highly resistant to water damage and mold. It has good durability and a fairly long useful life. Polystyrene does a good job, especially in dry environment.

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